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About Energy Ninja

For over 8 years Energy Ninja has provided households with strategies on how to analyse their power bills, reduce their energy consumption and slash their energy costs. With Energy Ninja you will receive unparalleled personalised customer service, honest and individualised recommendations and professionalism in every aspect.

The Energy Ninja service can also provide advice on other sustainability concepts such as saving water, reducing waste and chemical free cleaning.

However, Energy Ninja is not just interested in helping people save energy and money. We intend to also give back to the community. Energy Ninja will be supporting the Epilepsy Foundation and Brainwave through donating a portion of the fees, asking each service recipient to choose their preferred charity for the donation to be made to. The Energy Ninja logo colours also reflect part of this idea. Green: Sustainability, Purple: Global colour for Epilepsy, and Orange: Brainwave. For more about the Epilepsy Foundation and Brainwave, click on the donations page or linked organisation names above.