How can you save more energy and $ while on holidays?

Leading up to, during Christmas and through the New Year festivities, our fridges have been fairly well stocked with a combination of food and beverages. After the silly season comes to a close, most of us tend to pack the family up and go on holidays. So what has this got to do with energy saving and saving a few dollars on your power bills?


One of the items on our checklist to complete before leaving our house usually, is to clean out the fridge of disposable items, thus leaving it predominantly empty. Great right? Not quite.


Cleaning the fridge out is a great time to be wiping down those fridge seals and checking to see how well they work (if they hold a piece of paper in the door while it is closed, then you're good, if not, consider getting new seals). However, an empty fridge and or freezer whilst it is still being powered, is a much harder working fridge, and this will reduce its longevity as well as chew up electricity supplies to try and keep the emptiness inside it cold. So how do we keep it running without food spoiling while we are away?

Problem Solved.

Our fridges operate most effectively if the cool temperature it produces is maintained by enough thermal mass to create a temperature equilibrium, which is also why appropriately fitting seals are important. So therefore in non-physics terms, keeping the fridge full with items such as bottles of water or other beverages will maintain the correct temperature and thermal mass dynamics in order, reducing the fridge's need to use more electricity and keep it happier for longer increasing it's lifespan in your kitchen. Second fridges are recommended to be turned off completely if it is only for the benefit of beverages when guests visit.  

So there you have it! Keep your fridges full when you are away, and you will save more on your next Summer energy bill. For more tailored information on energy saving around your home, book a consult now at :, or call:0414887025