Does your jaw drop low when bills are higher than low? Do you stand there and shout or just simply pass out?

Some may recognise the title's folk song inspiration reference. But whether we react in a dramatic fashion as in the title or mumble under our breath a few obscenities and shake our heads as we put our energy bill down and walk away, we have all experienced bill shock at one point.

If you haven't received it already, it is that time of the Summer that we brace ourselves for and question if we really should have left the air conditioner on to keep the house cool when exploiting the Boxing Day sales. Yes, summer is fantastic for many reasons, but it is also our 2nd highest energy bill season. Energy retailers help this along also by increasing their tariff prices in January. Happy New Year! This tends to lead to further confusion as to why there are two separate billing blocks on the one page. Put simply, they are pre-January tariff and usage charges and January increased tariff and usage charges.


Tips on reading your bills.

There are a few things to look for when you look at your energy bills:

1.    Know your tariff structure. Are you on a Flat rate or Time Of Use (TOU)?


2.    Despite having certain tariff rates applied, it is the number of kWh hours to look out for when comparing bills from previous ones. This provides you with a better understanding of how much energy you are actually consuming each quarter.

3.    Does your plan include pay-on-time discounts and or bundled discounts for gas and electricity? Each retailer has a different discount they offer to entice potential customers to buy their product and pay on time. 

4.    Lastly, when was the last time you changed energy retailers? Energy companies rely on customer complacency to make their profits.

Energy Made Easy has a webpage that also compares just the energy companies and their various plans.

However, the best way to cut costs on your future energy bills is to contact me here at Energy Ninja.