Waste your heating no more!

Quite often we underestimate how much heating and cooling is lost through the gaps under our doors, causing us to keep it on for longer, costing us more to run. There is a cheap and simple fix for this-its the humble door snake our grandparents used to have everywhere in their houses. They are starting to come back into vogue and are so simple to create, even the kids can make them! Perfect for a school holiday activity! Here are some instructions below:


Home-made Door Snakes

What you need:  Cute stockings, filler (full 2kg bag of rice or sand), 2 googly eyes, red felt, fabric glue, funnel (for pouring rice), needle and thread. 

How to Make It:

1.    Hold up the stocking with the funnel at the open end and slowly poor the rice/sand down it until it is almost filled. Leave some space at the top.

Stocking stuffer: Use a bottomless plastic cup or rolled up paper to funnel fill into a stocking if a kitchen funnel is unavailable.                                    

2.    Fold over the top of the stocking and stitch together, or alternatively tie a double knot, which is just as effective.

 3.    Glue on googly eyes, ribbons, glitter etc for decorations and red felt for the tongue. Some stitching may still be required for longevity of the snake tongue.

See more at: http://www.woojr.com/door-draft-blocker-snake-craft-that-kids-can-make/#sthash.X1PGTvSu.dpuf


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