Do you RESIST opening your bills? Do the costs SCARE & CONFUSE you?




Energy Ninja is here to help!

 Feel at ease and SLASH your bills with us.         



Package 1.
Grass roots energy consult.

Find out how your energy bill is structured and ways to cut costs when looking at other energy retailers. Maybe you would like help with finding the best plan available at the moment. Practical advice on how to create more energy efficiency around your house is also provided.

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Package 2.
Tailored analysis reporting.

If you find that retaining a lot of detail is difficult in this fast paced world, then this is the package for you. A tailored report is provided in addition to information in Package 1.

Package 3.
Energy Saving Ninja Party.

Learn to save energy and costs in your house with your friends! Turn energy efficiency in your home into a social occasion!



"After my visit from the Energy Ninja, I used my solar generated power more efficiently and reduced my energy consumption when I wasn't covered by solar. I also finally understood what I was paying for in my bills! "

-Angela from Castle Hill


Energy Ninja aims to slash your power bills by providing valuable advice on reducing your energy use and understanding your bills. However we cannot be held liable to poor product quality purchased, installation or client misinterpretation of given advice.

 A portion of each consulting fee will also be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation or Brainwave. See the Brainwave drop down for more information.